Soil Remediation Services: Our Solutions

Our expertise ranges from decontamination (asbestos and lead removal) to the soils and groundwater depollution, development through land property operations but also an optimized waste recovery. All these skills are enhanced by a transverse design office that leads and optimizes all of our clients' projects.


VALGO has a proven engineering on all deconstruction and dismantling processes, including the removal of materials considered dangerous or harmful from a health or environmental point of view (asbestos, lead, etc.). Our specialized teams operate on private or public work sites thanks to a great mastery of the techniques, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

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List of treatments

Check our decontamination treatments


VALGO controls all the processes for the depollution of soils and groundwater. The company provides its customers with the most suitable solution for their pollution problems by optimizing the efficiency / cost / time equation. For this, our engineers design a global cleanup offer and rely on an internal laboratory to test and validate the solutions offered.

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ActivitiesDevelopment and remediation

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With more than 10 years of experience in the field of pollution control, the VALGO company is present throughout the value chain of the revitalization of polluted industrial sites.
The expertise and remediation techniques mastery allows us to go further by providing industrial reconversion solutions to our private and public clients with the example of the successful remediation of the former Petit-Couronne refinery:

  • Development and remediation department

    The development and revitalization department that support you through the study and design of remediation projects

  • Turnkey offer

    Our turnkey offer that allows industrial property owners to free themselves from their environmental responsibility in case of activity cessation through the transfer of environmental liabilities or the purchase of polluted land

  • Solutions for land property operators

    Solutions that provide the different land property operators with a guarantee of restoration of the sites on which they develop their project.


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DepartmentInnovative Upcycling

Since its creation in November 2018, the Innovative Upcycling division brings together all activities and technologies for waste recovery.

It includes the following operations:

Storage and treatment

Storage and treatment of polluted soil

Waste recovery

The recovery of waste from the food industry: into by-product or into energy


The safety of our employees and partners is a priority. We respect the regulations, our sites are in compliance with the regulations and we certify all our employees in France and around the world.

VALGO is gradually extending these procedures to all its branches, contact us to know the progress for each certification :

For Toulouse agency

in France metropolitan

For Petit-Couronne agency


All VALGO employees are aware of the importance of QHSE aspects (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) from our managers to the operators.

The QHSE is the area of ​​technical expertise controlling the aspects related to occupational risks within the company. Each year, the general management draws up a QHSE Policy with the new objectives to be achieved in terms of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. These objectives are available locally on all sites where the safety of all is the priority of all.

Training VALGO's expertise and professionalism

Every year, we support more than two thirds of our employees in developing their skills. Our training policy represents a significant annual budget (350,000 € in 2018), which is a necessary condition for the safety of our employees on construction sites, but also for their professional development.