VALGO Activities in Geophysical Technologies

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The geophysical activities of VALGO:

  • Polluted sites and soils: in support of polluted sites and soil activities for pollution research and monitoring
  • Pyrotechnic diagnosis: search for buried and possibly active munitions left by the two world wars
  • Traditional geophysics: search for water, cavity search, search for buried networks, structural diagnosis…

Why choose VALGO for your geophysical missions?

Business expertise

VALGO has many years of experience in France and abroad in the field of geophysics applied to water research (village hydrology), microgravimetry (cavity research) and pyrotechnics.

Led by Jean-Jacques Morey, senior geophysicist, the geophysical department has a very good knowledge of associated practices and materials.


  • VALGO is working on the development of large-scale geophysical diagnostic tools assisted by drone.
  • Research work applied to polluted sites and soils: at its Petit-Couronne site, VALGO is heading the GEOCARE partnership research project. It aims, by tests in pilots of one cubic meter and in the field, to apply the tools of geophysics to the depollution (diagnosis and follow-up of the works).


The geographical distribution of VALGO agencies in France ensures:

  • Localization close to customers
  • High reactivity
  • Quality customer service

Thanks to a large fleet of internal equipment, we are able to answer your requests throughout the year and throughout France.

Appropriate material resources:

  • Geophysical Multi antennas radar Stream IDS
  • Mono antenna radar IDS
  • Resistivity meter (IRIS instruments)
  • 5 probes Magnometer (Bartington)
  • Single probe magnetometer   SBL 10 (Sensys)
  • CG3 gravimeter (Scintre)



VALGO, in partnership with the company GEODE – Global EOD Experts – has decided to equip itself with thermal drones, mainly for the realization of diagnosis and operations of diagnosis and pyrotechnic decontamination on lands of a very large surface while guaranteeing a maximum security to the teams.

The thermal drone can cover at least 30 hectares of land per day thanks to its two hours of autonomy. Without lithium batteries, these drones can be easily exported abroad.

Finally, the group VALGO – GEODE is able to intervene quickly on the most sensitive territories while ensuring its own security.