Our Company's Asbestos Removal Activities

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Asbestos and lead removal activities of VALGO


  • Asbestos and lead removal
  • Cleaning / deconstruction
  • Encapsulation / confinement
  • refractory ceramic fiber
  • intervention close to asbestos (SS4)
  • Industrial dismantiling, deconstruction, demolition

The decontamination department of VALGO intervenes on occupied sites, rehabilitation, demolition and industrial sites.



Why go to VALGO for your asbestos and lead removal works ?


  • Professional expertise

With more than 10 years of experience as a asbestos removal company for industrial and construction asbestos removal operations, VALGO has completed more than 1,000 projects in France from € 3,000 to € 3 million. Thanks to its expertise, VALGO has become one of the major leaders in asbestos and lead removal in France for operations ranging from 2 hours to 2 years.

The VALGO decontamination department includes a demolition unit to propose a complete offer. VALGO also has a multidisciplinary approach through its interlocutors (environment, depollution, civil engineering, building) to integrate all the parameters of a project.

In order to ensure a rigorous follow-up and ensure the safety of its construction sites, the field teams of VALGO are strongly supervised (2 supervisors per team).


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  • Proximity

The geographical distribution of VALGO agencies in France ensures:

A location close to customers

A great reactivity

Quality customer sevice

Thanks to our high staff and a large internal park of equipment, we are able to respond to your urgent asbestos and lead removal requests throughout the year and throughout France.



  • High standards Reliability for the process of asbestos and lead removal and monitoring of their application


  • Our engagements

The security at the center of our commitments:

  • MASE Certification
  • “0 accidents” goal
  • Continuous improvement of our processes

The best insurance for our projects:

  • Decennial insurance
  • Environmental damage guarantee
  • Civil and professional liability

High standards for sustainable development with our stakeholders:

  • ­Local support
  • Selection of quality suppliers
  • Continuous training policy for our employees

The satisfaction of our customers, a daily priority:

  • Optimization of deadlines and costs
  • Support and advice of our engineers



Mastered techniques for asbestos and lead removal


Present on the market since 2004, VALGO is an expert and one of the leaders in asbestos and lead removal for operations ranging from 2 hours to 2 years. Our specialized teams operate on private or public projects thanks to a great mastery of techniques and regulations.

  • ­In the industrial sector,
  • In the building,
  • In intervention / maintenance.


Mastered techniques:

  • Removal:
    • Interior material
    • Outdoor material
    • Asbestos polluted soils
    • Industrial environments
  • Encapsulation
  • SS4, Lead, RCF
  • Sorting polluted land

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