remediates and revitalizes brownfields

Founded in 2004, VALGO is a French company specialized in the complex and highly technical operations of asbestos removal, demolition, and remediation of brownfield sites. Having completed several thousand operations, VALGO aims to become a world leader in remediation of contaminated sites and in the production of energy from organic waste.

Our businesses

1. Asbestos removal

Requiring a great deal of skill and expertise, asbestos removal is an highly regulated trade. VALGO is unique for its operational processes (automation, custom containment…) to minimize delays and reduce costs.


2. Lead removal

VALGO has recently become renowned for its work in lead removal having carried out operations on such emblematic buildings as the Hôtel de la Marine in Paris.


3. Deconstruction

Historical the core activity of VALGO, organized selective demolition is carried out simultaneously as asbestos removal. This avoids the surcharges associated with carrying these out individually. We offer you a comprehensive vision so that the even the smallest detail is not overlooked.


4. Remediation

Thanks to its R&D laboratory and the implement of pilot phases, VALGO remediates construction sites using advanced “in situ” and on-site thermal treatment technologies, the unit cost of which is competitive with that of thermal treatment plants.

5. Financial Valuation

With more than 10 years of experience in industrial remediation, VALGO collaborates with, and provides guarantees to, its partners for the funding and proper implementation of its work.

6. effluents treatment

VALGO, through its subsidiary VALBIO, has become the key player in the treatment of liquid and solid sewage waste in the agriculture and agri-food sector.

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Why choose us

Unique integrated services

In order to mitigate environmental, economic and land risks, VALGO implements a global approach called VALGOrisation, which combines three leading trades with land planning, in order to remediate brownfield lands to benefit the region.

Outstanding operational flexibility

Deriving from our extensive experience and the multidiscipline nature of our teams, we are leaders in project management. Our national coverage ensures our responsiveness and excellence in customer service.

Transfer of environmental liabilities

VALGO offers a range of services ranging from the contract of work to the establishment of financial guarantees in order to transfer environmental liabilities. With a proven expertise and experience in highly technical matters, our customers have the highest confidence in transferring to us all the risks associated with the remediation of brownfield sites.

Safeguarding your ecological reputation

In addition to its unique integrated offer, VALGO proposes and implements solutions that promote biodiversity on remediated brownfield lands. VALGO transfers the environmental liabilities of industrial or residential real estate projects, safeguarding the ecological reputation of its clients.

Key figures

 Agencies across France
 million € turnover
 employees internationally
 overseas subsidiaries
 remediated sites
 ac redeveloped
 GWh in energy produced
 Jobs created on PiC site

Discover our model

« VALGOrisation »

A unique integrated service to address environmental liabilities of industrial or residential real estate sites

VALGO is hiring


VALGO is always on the lookout for new talent to strengthen our teams. Positions are available in many areas of expertise, such as engineering, finance, management, sales, marketing, law etc.

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