Asbestos removal of a Thermal Power Plant – Reunion Island (97)



As part of the technical shutdown of the Albioma thermal power plant in Saint-André (Reunion Island), VALGO was in charge of dismantling and removing asbestos from the flue gas treatment ducts.

Key points of the project


The aim of the operation is to cut the ducts by oxycutting, lifting the elements (from 6 to 20 tons) and removing asbestos from the soil. In order to carry out these works, a 400-ton ppm, a 100-ton ppm and a tank carrier were necessary. The ducts are now all on the ground and in the process of asbestos removal.

To ensure that the deadlines were met, part of the works were carried out at night.




Location : Saint-André – Reunion Island


Duration : 4 months