As an extension of the Code of Conduct and Integrity, a Group alert and vigilance system has been set up. This secure system enables the Group’s employees and stakeholders to report acts or behavior that are inappropriate or do not comply with our principles or with applicable laws and regulations; acts that could harm the integrity and/or rights of individuals, affect the Group’s business or seriously compromise its responsibility in terms of human rights, fundamental freedoms, business ethics, environmental risk prevention or health and safety.

This system guarantees the traceability and confidentiality of exchanges. This applies to reports concerning the Group’s subcontractors and/or suppliers, whether in France or abroad.

Whistleblowing is a right. The law protects those who make use of this right by prohibiting any form of reprisal against whistleblowers and by giving them the means to defend themselves if they fall victim to reprisals.


How do I report an alert?

  • You can submit a report at any time, 24 hours a day in 4 languages(French, English, Spanish or Portuguese).
  • Via the digital reporting platform VALGO Integrity. This platform is administered by the service provider EQS. It was approved by the Works Council on 22 March 2024.


Report a fact