The VALGO Group promotes respect for the privacy of employees and third parties within all its entities.

VALGO entities apply the principles of lawfulness, transparency, proportionality and relevance to the collection, processing and storage of personal data.

  • Legality: personal data is collected and processed on legitimate and legal grounds.
  • Transparency: personal data is obtained fairly and lawfully.
  • Proportionality and relevance: the personal data collected is quantitatively and qualitatively proportionate to the purpose of the processing.

Retention: the length of time data is kept is adapted to the purposes of each processing operation and to regulatory obligations. At the end of this period, it is destroyed, anonymised or archived.

VALGO’s entities shall ensure that the persons concerned are informed of the purposes of the processing, the means of access to their personal data, their rights of rectification, erasure, limitation or opposition to the processing.

VALGO entities take appropriate security measures to guarantee the confidentiality of data and to limit the risks of disclosure, alteration or destruction.

If they call upon third parties to collect or process personal data, VALGO entities shall ensure that they offer an equivalent level of confidentiality and security.