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Working at VALGO is the opportunity to join a growing company to conquer ever more innovative projects in order to revitalize polluted sites and soils. A company that, from its foundation, has put the respect for the environment at the heart of its sustainable growth.

VALGO is a mid-sized enterprise (ETI) that can offer you an environment where skills development and versatility are the key words.

By supporting our projects, we support you in your professional and personal development.


This is a job opening as a result of the company’s development. You will work in the International Department and will report to the International Director, Mr. José DOS SANTOS. You will be in charge of starting up and monitoring soil decontamination projects, all within an international context.





  •  Work in coordination with the Study Department on the project budget by providing information on local contractors and operating costs.
  •  Confirm that the records and data used in the cost estimates provided by the clients are correct and acceptable.
  •  Carry out field investigations (core sampling, piezometers…).
  •  Supervise and/or manage the execution of works directly on projects involving complex techniques (Thermal Desorption…) or indirectly by supervising the local Project Manager.
  •  Manage complex projects either by their technicality, size or the multiplicity of operations to be followed for the same or different clients.
  •  Manage the technical, financial and contractual aspects of projects, supervise project teams and subcontractors.
  •  Negotiate amendments to contracts if necessary, protecting the scope of contractual work.
  •  Train the teams to our techniques and work standards.
  •  Take part in the design and review of offers and ensure customer follow-up.
  •  Ensure a reliable reporting of the works progress.
  •  Guarantee the profitability of the project by taking care of its needs and impact on the company’s working capital requirements.
  •  Develop a network of suppliers and service providers
  •  Put in place and enforce all necessary safety measures (HSE)
  •  Guaranteeing construction site execution deadlines
  •  Assess the level of skills of local staff and ensure their training in the processes and techniques used.





Man/Woman with a technical background and good field/worksite experience, working in a similar position and who wishes to evolve in a strategic position in a recognized group in its field.


Professionally :

  •  Higher education such as general engineering schools (Mines, INSA, Arts et Métiers) or BTP (École des Ponts Paris-Tech, ESTP, ENTPE, CESI),…
  • At least 7 to 10 years of experience as an SSP Project Manager is required.
  •  You are concerned about compliance with Health, Safety and Environment standards.
  •  Professional spoken and written English at a very good level – Spanish, Portuguese and/or Chinese will be a plus.
  •  Management experience in project management will be a plus.
  •  A great capacity to adapt and reactivity.
  •  A strong ability to work in a multicultural environment


On a personal level :

  •  Available, flexible and organised, you have a taste for contact and teamwork.
  •  Good interpersonal skills as well as real writing, listening, analysis and synthesis skills, appreciating both the field and the technique.
  •  Determined, you know how to assert your point of view and create support around you.
  •  Good negotiation skills.
  • Enthusiastic, ambitious for him/her, but also for the company.



The state of mind and behavior are as important as technical and professional skills.




  •  It will be motivating for a valuable candidate, composed of a fixed salary + 2 months of HR bonuses according to performance + Article 83 + participation.




  •  The position is based at the head office in Paris (8th). You will be required to travel abroad (Eastern Europe, Africa, Brazil, Italy, China, etc.) on a regular or occasional basis for 1 to 3 months, depending on the contracts signed. Possibility of long-term assignment to a specific area or site.



All our employment opportunities are open to workers with disabilities.

VALGO is committed to ensuring diversity and gender balance.


To submit a spontaneous application, send us an email to or click here :

At VALGO Employees development

VALGO offers opportunities for professional and geographical mobility to all of its employees.

Professional mobility is based on external training plans and on the support of our most experienced employees.

Geographical mobility is based on locations throughout France and in four countries.


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I’ve been working for 16 years in the field of depollution, including nearly 12 years at VALGO. I saw the company born, grow and develop in France and abroad. After having been in charge of the South-East agency for the depollution department, I am now International Operations Manager and this new adventure starts with the project of refurbishment of the Bijela naval shipyard in Montenegro. A titanic project with economic, environmental and societal issues very important for this country and a fascinating challenge!

Nicolas Rodolausse

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After almost 10 years as a project manager at the depollution department of the Argenteuil agency (94), I decided on the one hand to leave the Paris region; on the other hand to discover new professions and new customer’s needs. VALGO then proposed me a new challenge, that of developing the Asbestos removal activity for the entire western part of France (Bretagne and Pays de la Loire), a mission that I accepted early 2018.

Julien Pery

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I initially studied to be an Agronomist Engineer and now I am in charge of the development of the activities of VALGO for asbestos removal, soil remediation and geophysics activities in the southern part of France. What I liked about VALGO? Its unique model allows it to offer a multitude of solutions to the pollution problems of its customers.

Quentin Zeller