Decontamination of the site of La Soie – Villeurbanne (69)


Decontaminate a 2-hectare parcel infected by all kinds rubble mixed with asbestos fragments scattered throughout the parcel and mainly a merlon of 20 000 tonnes. The origin of the pollution is the demolition in 2001, without prior asbestos removal, of a former agrifood plant that was on this parcel. Pollution is mainly composed of asbestos cement debris of all grain sizes


Key aspects of the project 

Development of techniques allowing the sorting of asbestos waste present in large quantities and in high concentration:

  • Development of a decontamination mechanism for heavy machinery
  • Development of a sorting methodology by screening under ventilated tent
  • Use of screening buckets
  • Use of excavators equipped for contaminated site intervention (pressurized cabin, misting devices on the excavators’ sticks)
  • Development of a concrete washing device
  • Identification of sorted materials



  • Location: Villeurbanne (69)
  • Client: East Metropolitan Habitat
  • Project: Market for asbestos waste works, other waste management, sorting.
  • Type of pollution: Asbestos spread in the rubble and the land