The QHSE, cornerstone of the VALGO strategy

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All VALGO employees are aware of the importance of QHSE aspects (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) from our managers to the operators. The QHSE is the area of ​​technical expertise controlling the aspects related to occupational risks within the company. Each year, the general management draws up a QHSE Policy with the new objectives to be achieved in terms of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. These objectives are available locally on all sites where the safety of all is the priority of all.


Increased risks due to the diversity of VALGO’s activities

  • Exposure to CMR
  • Fall from height
  • Handling
  • Collision with construction machine
  • Single-level fall


A proactive risk-controlled approach based on training

Around the world we train our 400 employees to protect ourselves from these risks. We carry out a prevention approach which consists of training employees (internal and external training), informing and raising the awareness of new hires during a “security” reception and then pursuing their integration with the help of a dedicated sponsor. Many actions are planned to reach our QSE objectives: communication, site discussions, information note, poster campaign, awareness-raising measures, training, and safety challenge.

14,000 hours dedicated to training

For a total amount of 400 000 €


Our prevention goals

Our goals are:

  • Safety: to reach 0 accidents
  • Health: preventing occupational disease (absence of occupational disease)
  • Environment: reducing our impact on the environment
  • Quality: satisfy our clients (external and internal)

To achieve these objectives, each site is audited about once a week and each manager has a goal of a site visit per month. We also carry out numerous training courses for our employees (initial training or advanced training)


To have our skills recognized, we have adhered to several certifications:

  • For depollution:
    • LNE certification (quality of service certification)
    • MASE (Business Security Improvement Manual)
  • For the decontamination activity (asbestos removal & dismantling):
    • MASE (Business Security Improvement Manual)
    • NF X 46-010 asbestos treatment works (quality and safety standard)