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Every year, we support more than two thirds of our employees in developing their skills. Our training policy represents a significant annual budget (350,000 € in 2018), which is a necessary condition for the safety of our employees on construction sites, but also for their professional development.

Training, the cornerstone of VALGO’s know-how and professionalism

Decontamination of polluted sites and soils goes through complex operations of asbestos removal, dismantling or industrial deconstruction that require a large number of legal training (different authorizations). They make it possible to guarantee the safety of our employees which is our priority goal and primary focus.   A key player in the rehabilitation of industrial sites, VALGO also offers “turnkey” training solutions, on a voluntary basis, to its employees according to their mission, their working environment and the aspirations of each.


Creation of the INSA master’s degree in order to train the next generations of cleaners and to make each new collaborator quickly efficient

VALGO has developed a training center and has created in partnership with the INSA of Rouen, the Specialized Master “Decommissioning and Environmental Rehabilitation Project Management”. In the dynamics of this training, VALGO consolidates its links with the academic world and encourages its future recruits to integrate the Master of the INSA in which many of the speakers are employees of the group.   This Master allows both students and VALGO employees to be trained in the following activities :

  • Engineering and technical skills proficiency about depollution, decontamination and deconstruction
  • Works execution
  • Structuring land development operations: rehabilitating land by controlling environmental issues as well as securing land and property remediation projects from a technical, financial and legal point of view.

This training offer is also provided internally to our employees wishing to develop new skills or to move towards the rehabilitation engineering professions.


Scientific collaborations with many institutes all over France