Depollution – Old saddle tree factory of France site – Saint-Sulpice-La-Pointe (81)


Rehabilitation of the site of the old saddle tree factory of France by the operator AFELEC in Saint-Sulpice-La-Pointe. The site, having had several activities (metal working and galvanizing), was polluted mainly by hydrocarbons, chlorides and zinc.

Key aspects of the project:

The site represents 4300m3 of polluted land including two polluted areas impacting groundwater.

Groundwater treatment by:

  • Removal of underground tanks to facilitate a sustainable decontamination of groundwater
  • Water treatment by pumping and passage over activated charcoal: excavation to the aquifer and skimming

Soil treatment by:  

  • Earthworks with temporary storage and treatment,
  • Pre-treatment by dry screening of soils
  • Washing of the fine parts of the soil (<40 mm)
  • Containment of a polluted concrete part that cannot be re-used on site.

On this operation, nearly 1,000m3 of the washed floors will be potentially reusable. The soil polluted by HCT is redirected to a biocenter.


Location: Saint-Sulpice-La-Pointe
Land surface: 11000m2
Duration of the works: 7 months