Demolition and decontamination of Kaufman & Broad – Bordeaux (33)


As part of the project to rebuild the head office of a major account at the avenue Emile Counord, demolition works on the old buildings of the site were conducted. These works have revealed the presence of asbestos materials in the lands. As a precondition for these development works, K & B wanted to treat the impacted areas for their works by removing asbestos cement as well as backfilling. The thickness treated outside the groundwater was 1.50 meters thick on the right-of-way of the future building and at the level of the rainwater management works for a volume of 4400m3 of earth.


Key aspects of the project

These works were carried out with a pressurized shovel with absolute filtration equipped with a skeleton bucket for a primary sorting of material. Secondary screening of the materials was carried out with a screen for sorting material <30mm.

The works were carried out under collective protection by fine misting in the extraction area, primary and secondary screening.

Visual inspection by volume pile <30 m3 by a certified firm and regular sampling transmission controls by electronic microscopy  have resulted in the decommissioning of more than 80% of the polluted soil.


Details :

  • Location : Bordeaux
  • Duration : 3 months