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Created in 2004 by François Bouché in Toulouse with its first operation being the revitalisation of the AZF site, VALGO specializes in the remediation of soil and groundwater, asbestos removal, demolition, and the transformation of organic waste into energy. The company has had a major presence in France since 2011, and has been operating internationally since 2014. VALGO develops unique comprehensive solutions to promote the revitalization of brownfields “VALGOrisation” comprises both the remediation of sites and soils, as well as technical and financial engineering in order to develop environmentally responsible and economically viable projects. This assures sustainable industrial conversion.

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VALGO has established its own laboratory in order to ensure the company is immediately reactive in researching and developing the specific remediation solutions necessary to be deployed at each site. At the same time, our in-house laboratory permits the development of long-term R&D projects in partnership with schools, universities, and companies, in order to develop innovative remediation techniques.

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