Innovate to revitalize polluted sites and soils

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A technical proficiency of the techniques of depollution

As a young company, VALGO has always supported its development on the mastery of its technicality. Our internal laboratory carries out tests, to back operational teams, in order to choose the best technique, for each case of depollution from the real samples of each site. This laboratory is the only one able to arbitrate, by comparison of efficiency, between physical, chemical or biological techniques. It will assist the strategic choices to the field applications, sometimes doing through pilots in real conditions.


An in-house R & D laboratory to assist field operations to approve innovative pollution control processes.

The laboratory is also an essential part of RDI’s actions, in which VALGO invests 600 K € per year, for the improvement of existing techniques. In this context, it also participates in cooperative research projects on future techniques, with industrial partners or public research institutes. It is in this way that in recent years, VALGO has been a pioneer in the field of chemical reduction in situ, thermal desorption, or hydrocyclone-washing.