Brownfield remediation : Pôle d’innovation des Couronnes (76)


At the end of 2014, VALGO, a French mid-sized company (ETI) specializing in the remediation of polluted sites and soils, acquired the former Petroplus refinery in Petit-Couronne to undertake remediation, asbestos removal and industrial deconstruction works.

Thanks to an innovative and unique model that integrates business know-how with a sustainable strategy for the development of polluted land, VALGO offers turnkey industrial brownfield reconversion solutions to public and private stakeholders adapted to the economic needs of the territories.

PiC* is an example of a successful industrial reconversion thanks to the concrete application of the VALGOrisation model thus giving a new life to this industrial wasteland.

PiC* hosts the R&D center of VALGO



  • Location: Petit-Couronne (76, Seine-Maritime)
  • Project: remediation of an old refinery
  • Job creation:
    • To date (2018) and over the entire remediated zone: 250 jobs
    • By 2021: between 750 and 1000 jobs
  • Business locations: building an ecosystem of different businesses from services, logistics and also R & D:
    • To date (2018): 11 companies located throughout the reconverted zone
    • By 2021: between 15 and 20 companies


Depollution and deconstruction works progress

  • more than 36,000 tonnes of processed petroleum products,
  • more than 58,000 tonnes of recycled metals,
  • 70 to 80% of the metals eliminated,
  • 20,000 tonnes of crushed concrete to be recovered.


The Pôle d’innovation des Couronnes is an example for VALGO, specialist in the Oil & Gas sector, as the project is a model operation in terms of circular industrial economy and biodiversity awareness at each stage of the site remediation.

François Bouché, CEO of VALGO


* Innovation Center of Couronnes