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Much more than a service provider, VALGO gives added value to real estate operations

Land revival

Site rehabilitation is often only associated with the notion of liability: remediation costs and expenses. The positive aspects of remediation are generally forgotten: the impacts on society, the environment and our legacy. In controlling the entire value chain, perfectly understanding our trade and industrial processes, and having a great flexibility in the organization of the project planning, allows VALGO to put value back in these overlooked assets. The convergence of our interests with those of our clients makes VALGO the key actor in the land remediation.

Transferring environmental liabilities and obligations

VALGO’s services range from the a straight forward works contract to the implementation of the third-party interest in undertaking environment liabilities (Loi Alur). VALGO takes complete command of technical risks as well environmental obligations through an implementation of the third-party transfer contract. Our clients transfer to us the environmental liabilities and obligations associated with the remediation of sites with total peace of mind.

risques financiers
Financial risks
risques juridiques
Legal risks
risques juridiques
Health risks
risques d'image
Reputation risks

Why choose us

Unique integrated services

In order to mitigate environmental, economic and land risks, VALGO implements a global approach called VALGOrisation, which combines three leading trades with land planning, in order to remediate brownfield lands to benefit the region.

Outstanding operational flexibility

Deriving from our extensive experience and the multidiscipline nature of our teams, we are leaders in project management. Our national coverage ensures our responsiveness and excellence in customer service.

Transfer of environmental liabilities

VALGO offers a range of services ranging from the contract of work to the establishment of financial guarantees in order to transfer environmental liabilities. With a proven expertise and experience in highly technical matters, our customers have the highest confidence in transferring to us all the risks associated with the remediation of brownfield sites.

Safeguarding your ecological reputation

In addition to its unique integrated offer, VALGO proposes and implements solutions that promote biodiversity on remediated brownfield lands. VALGO transfers the environmental liabilities of industrial or residential real estate projects, safeguarding the ecological reputation of its clients.

Reconversion of the Petroplus Refinery in Petit-Couronne

Pôle d’Innovation des Couronnes

 Project start date
 Tons of treated petroleum products
 tons of scrap
 Jobs created


major redevelopment projects in an ecosystem of multi-modal logistical platforms

BIOCENTRE for the treatment of polluted soils
VALGOLAB (incubator for innovation companies)


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