Depollution of 50 000 M³ – Saint-Ouen (93)


Earthwork of 50 000 M³ of land heavily polluted with PCBs and hydrocarbons, polluted land with evacuation to different sectors of recovering (thermal, biological, filling of quarries …)

Purging active soil sources contained in the fluctuation zone impregnated with pollutants

Chemical oxidation treatment of residual pollution still present in the fluctuation zone

Implementation of a perennial system of sumps at the bottom of the excavation to skim the remobilization of floating products at the right of the site

Delivery of a skimming barrier using wells to recover floating from outside the site in case of reversal of the flow direction of the water table


Key aspects of the project 

Combination of in-situ skimming techniques to prevent on-site and off-site floatation and chemical oxidation treatment of residual pollutants



  • Location: Saint-Ouen (93)
  • Project: Construction of office buildings and shops on two basement levels
  • Type of pollution: Aliphatic hydrocarbons with long chains in combination with PCBs