Agriculture reference: breeding (64)

Problem / opportunity / objectives:


  • Improve livestock manure management: 20,000 tonnes of organic waste treated per year
  • Diversify the income and activities of the 15 member farms
  • Produce a renewable energy that can be recovered




  • Methanisation of organic waste using VALBIO METHAMIX technology – 2 digesters of 2,200 m3 and 1,750 m3
  • Biogas recovered by direct reinjection of biomethane into TIGF’s Natural Gas network
  • Currently under construction


chantier en cours de construction de  méthanisation de déchets organiques issue de l'agriculture



Expected results of methanisation:


  • 1,600,000 m3 of biogas produced per year
  • 8,700,000 kWh / year



Installation de méthanisation afin de procédé à la valorisation énergétique de l'exploitation