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Franck Bouché elected President of the UPDS


At the UPDS General Assembly on 4 April 2019, Franck Bouché (VALGO) and Olivier Mergaux (EGIS) were elected respectively President and Secretary of the UPDS, for a one-year term, following the departure of two members of the Bureau.


After starting his career in the field of geotechnics and then in dismantling, asbestos removal and remediation, Franck Bouché joined the VALGO group in 2007, specializing in the remediation and conversion of polluted sites and brownfield sites, with the aim of developing the technical fields related to their environmental rehabilitation. He is the current Deputy Chief Executive Officer.


With this position as President of the Union des professionnels de la dépollution des sites, Franck Bouché will be keen to defend the recognition and enhancement of all the contaminated sites and soils businesses represented by the UPDS.

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