Rehabilitation of the Théâtre du Châtelet - Paris (75)

Complete rehabilitation of a classified monument in the presence of asbestos and lead

Rehabilitation of the civil hospices of Lyon

Programmed intervention for the modernization of HCL buildings

Rehabilitation of INSA Lyon

Intervention during school holidays for the modernization of teaching premises

Rehabilitation of the Hotel Pasteur Rennes (35)

Restructuring and rehabilitation of an old medical building at the heart of the city

Removing asbestos-coated asphalt, GRENOBLE metropolis (38)

Complete redevelopment of boulevards in the city center of Grenoble

Asbestos removal at the Grenoble Alpes Nord University Hospital

Asbestos removal in an occupied environment for 4 years

Neighborhood rehabilitation of the city of Cergy (95)

Demolition and asbestos removal of several residential and commercial buildings in urban areas

Asbestos removal of the Part-Dieu shopping center

Asbestos removal in a busy environment as the shopping center is rehabilitated

Depollution Lacq (64)

Remediation of 4 quagmires, dismantling of structures like basins, slabs, foundations, removal of inert networks, management of asbestos materials

Depollution EPF de Bretagne - Plouvien (29)

Site preparation, implementation, implementation and monitoring of the site except the specificities related to the treatment technique
Excavation of polluted soil
Pumping treatment and skimming

Depollution - Factory - Castelsarrasin (82)

Treatment of groundwater polluted with chlorinated solvents - ISCR technique (chemical reduction)

Depollution - Stronglight Epora - Saint Etienne

On-site thermal desorption of COHV, HCT and PCB grounds

Depollution - COGEDIM - Joinville Le Pont (94)

Deep soil treatment by VENTING

Depollution - ENGIE - Old Gas Plant - Cluny (71)

Remediation of the site for industrial use

Lead removal from La Rochelle City Hall

Cleaning of leaded materials in the context of the rehabilitation of the City Hall

Deconstruction and asbestos removal of Ecole Centrale Paris

Highly constrained planning site as part of the restructuring of the area