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Conversion of brownfield sites: Interview with Maëlle Duquoc


During the round table on 19 March 2019, Maëlle Duquoc, Senior Manager, HSE and soil decontamination expert at EY discussed the major areas to be identified for the conversion of wasteland.


“Faster and cheaper” is the leitmotif put forward by all participants to facilitate, encourage and develop brownfield redevelopment projects. 4 proposals have been concretely drawn up to achieve this.

Proposal 1: Break down silos between the different professions involved in the conversion of wasteland while taking into account all the aspirations of all stakeholders in order to build the “master plan for an industrial site” over the long term.

Proposal 2: Have a single and specific regulation on the management of polluted sites and soils, drawing inspiration from what is being done abroad in order to establish a common framework for brownfield redevelopment projects.

Proposal 3: Promote the economic and industrial uses of former brownfield sites to the detriment of housing that is too often privileged today.

Proposal 4: Continue to invest in R&D and studies to make clean-up operations more efficient, controlled and less costly.

Read the full report of this morning’s discussions  by clicking here


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